Building on eight amazing Summers, Hamptons Chess is excited to offer classes, summer camps, competitions and events. We integrate a proven, structured curriculum with a fun, social atmosphere, and guest lectures from the world's top players, to provide the highest level of education for your children.

Our mission

1) Provide the highest quality of education - whether your child is just starting out, or looking to improve his/her level for competitive play.

2) Help your child to develop logical thinking and problem solving skills.

3) Foster a community of supportive families who want to help their children learn, grow, and build a team together

What We've Achieved

  • Seven years of successful summer programs in the Hamptons!
  • We are the only program in the Hamptons with rated tournament play, thanks to our affiliation with the United States Chess Federation (USCF)
  • Our local partners, including CMEE, The Ross School, and SYS, provide the highest level resources and venues for your favorite, annual events.
  • Our coaching staff has a proven track record after leading several NYC schools to national championships.
  • We host the largest annual events for Chess in the Hamptons, with opportunities to play with the world's top Grand Masters